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About us Digital Trading Options

We are a value-oriented investment firm that applies a private equity approach to investing in the public markets. Digital Trading Options manages long and Short term capital for Private investors, endowments, foundations, family, offices and other institutional investors.
We invest in a concentrated long/short portfolio of equity securities of small to middle market companies. This strategy is the core of Digital Trading Options’s activities and has the flexibility to take advantage of the best public and private opportunities in this segment of the market. Digital Trading Options seeks to achieve investment gains through traditional trading with best rate in the the market.


Digital Trading Options was founded on the principle of delivering superior long and short term returns at the lowest possible risk. DMI believes that having a world-class investor base of like-minded, high-quality organizations is key to investment success. The firm has an intense focus on building and cultivating a team oriented culture of always putting the client first, driving relentlessly to learn and excel and constantly striving for improvement.


Offering comprehensive and flexible assets to investors within the Cryptocurrency market, with low friction, transparency and reliability and with highest possible return on investment.


We have built partnerships overtime with other successful companies with complimenting corporate and social goals as our company. Our partners Include companies like Genesis Mining, BITFINEX, Ethereum, IDEX, Binance, SwissBank, and a few others mentioned within the partnership section of this brochure.

Our Guiding Principles

Put the interests of DTO’s investors first in everything the firm does. Acting as a fiduciary is a sacred trust that can never be broken.
Act with the highest level of integrity in every action DTO takes. The firm’s reputation is its most important asset.
Approach public investing with the same philosophy as if purchasing entire companies, by acquiring high-quality businesses that generate large amounts of compounding free cash flow at prices well below their intrinsic value.
Focus on building a world-class team and culture. The firm cares deeply about being regarded in the industry as first rate and as the best at every touch point.
Communicate with investment partners candidly and be as transparent as required for them to always understand what DMI is doing and why.


How We are Different

We believe in strategy over tactics, relationships over commissions, and service over self-promotion. Our primary consideration is the best interests of our clients. In the long and short term, this is best for the firm as well.

Limit Economic Interest

Our advisors are not held to production quotas or incentivized with product-driven commissions. Being a fiduciary investment advisor means we are required to act in our clients’ best interests – and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Furthermore, we work on a flat fee basis with a nominal transaction cost, effectively removing any transactional interest and putting us on the same side of the table as our clients.

Clear Communication

Mutual understanding and confidence are built over time, and we consider keeping open, ongoing communications an essential part of our process.

Our Approach

Services For Individuals

* Pre- and Post-Retirement Planning
* Fee-Based Portfolio Management
* IRAs & Roth IRAs
* Fee-Based Investment Planning
* Wealth Transfer and Charitable Planning.

Asset Management Strategies

* Private Investment Management (PIM)
* Fee-Based Portfolio Management
* Tax-Efficient Investment Strategies

Services for Endowments and Foundations

* Investment Policy Analysis
* Retirement Plan Services
* Philanthropic-Donor Services